Welcome to the Agzu Store!

My name is Agata, handmade products enthusiast. 

The store's mission is to show that every handmade item has a soul, with a person behind each product that puts effort and time into creating something special. I want the Agzu store to be a place where you can find various handmade products suitable for your cozy home. The vision of the Agzu store is "Litríkt heimili" (eng. "Colorful home"). Different colors and unique patterns provide a source of love and energy to any apartment.


Agzu online store with handmade products

If you are looking for an exceptional present to buy, this is the right place. 

Agzu is an online store where you can find products for your home at affordable prices. Products in the store are unique and handmade. They are characterized by high quality and attention to detail.

Agzu ehf collaborates with local producers in Iceland and Europe. Some of them are well known locally. The store cooperates also with small companies that just started their journey.

Thank you for visiting Agzu online store.